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Cottage SignsWe laminate our own cottage sign blanks from hand picked western red cedar paying close attention to the direction of the grain in each piece of lumber to maintain the natural flow of the grain in the sign blank. It is then glued up using marine grade outdoor glue and placed in a clamp for 24 hours to ensure strength and durability. These blanks are carefully made into whatever dimension is required for the sign being made. Making our own sign blanks enables us to eliminate the middleman, the savings are then passed on to you, our customer.


We make our sign blanks from number 1 clear cedar because many years of experience has taught us that it is the most durable wood available for outdoor applications. Cedar has a natural water repellent property that makes it the clear choice for outdoor use and longevity in the most extreme of conditions.

Spirit Horse RunOnce the sign blank has been sandblasted, multiple coats of sealer are applied to the wood to seal out the elements. The signs are then hand painted according to your specifications with high quality sign paints. No additional sealing is required as the paint is the final sealer. Due to this meticulous process the lead time for sign completion is 4 to 6 weeks upon receipt of a deposit. The time and care invested in each sign built by us will guarantee its longevity and beauty in the most extreme conditions.

Our sandblasted Canadian western red cedar cottage signs are considered to be the finest that money can buy. They are found in cottages and homes all over the cottage areas of central Ontario and have been shipped all over North America. We meld sandblasting, carving and artistry into a 3D “work of Art”.

Cedar is a rot-resistant wood, when sandblasted it reveals the beautiful grain of the wood which makes these signs so appealing.

At we pride ourselves in the quality of our signs and service. When you contact us you will be dealing directly with the owner of the company, assuring you of personal and professional service.


At we will provide our customers with a high quality and aesthetically pleasing product. There is no limit to the artwork that you choose, personal portraits, pets or places can be done for a minimal charge.


Western Red Cedar is $150.00 per square foot for basic sand blasted signs. Cottage signs requiring custom art work will require an additional charge depending on what is involved and starts at $75.00. For double sided signs add 75% of the square foot price, the art work price remains the same.

Constructing and finishing these cottage signs takes craftsmen with the right tools and years of experience. We are located Bala, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, the heart of Cottage country. All work is done on site ensuring a top quality product.

Sandblasted Cedar Signs

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